Mandela's Home in Alex for Mandela Day

"Alexandra occupies a treasured place in my heart. It was the first place I ever lived away from home". (Nelson Mandela).

In the spirit of Mandela Day the entire nation will be involved in activities that will touch the lives of millions of South Africans which in itself is a great blessing given the economic challenges we as a nation face currently. Gift of the Givers has selected the first place Mandela lived "away from home", the Alexandra Heritage Site, for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mandela, in honour of a deeply symbolic event that occurred here. It was the place where Mandela burnt his "pass" book. The burning of the book is symbolic of the burning of all things oppressive, dehumanising and an affront to human rights. It is symbolic of the freeing of the mind of fear and a willingness to stand up against injustice and inhumanity. It is an event that all of us should be aware of and take heed of the multiple lessons for both the oppressor and the oppressed but above all it should be a reminder that we as a nation must not allow anyone to take us back on that path of exclusivity, personal interest and self destruction. Tata Mandela lived what forgiveness means, was never vindictive, wore the Springbok rugby shirt and included the "Die Stem" into our liberation anthem. He gave his life for freedom but not at the expense of reconciliation. Honouring Mandela implies honouring what he taught. We learn from the past but don't live in the past. We build a greater future from the lessons of the past as one cohesive nation where taunts, insults, derogatory comments, stereotyping and exploitation are replaced by brotherly love, willingness to share, teach, uplift, understanding each other's fears, needs and challenges, bonding as one nation in building a better life for all. Let Mandela Day this year be that catalyst. Join Gift of the Givers, Cake Masters (who are going to bake a massive cake for that day with the milestones of Mandela's life captured on the cake) and the venerable Linda Twala as we hand out food parcels, hot meals, wheelchairs, slices of cake, detergent packs but above all give you a tour and a history lesson at the Heritage Site, house no. 46, corner 7th Avenue and Hofmeyer Road (opposite the Alexandra Heritage Museum).
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