Gift of the Givers on High Alert for Tropical Cyclone Idai.

Malawi and Mozambique have felt the brunt of Tropical Cyclone Idai since its inception on 9 March. Already close to a million people have been displaced, scores have died and thousands of homes have been destroyed beyond repair. Landfall is expected in Beira, Mozambique, sometime between 9pm this evening and 8am tomorrow. Substantial devastation with massive flooding both from river and sea is expected.

Gift of the Givers are on high alert and will respond depending on the degree of devastation but more importantly, only if a call is made by the Mozambican Government for urgent assistance. Our intervention includes 70 personnel (aquatic rescue, rescue technicians, rescue divers, advance life support paramedics and doctors), 22 vehicles (4×4), 10 power boats, 4 jetskis, 14 inflatable, non-motorised 2 man rescue boats, a range of rescue equipment and access to an 8 seater plane.

This is Gift of the Givers largest water rescue preparation in its 26 year history. We have assisted Mozambique in 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2013. We have already engaged the Mozambican Government and the head of Disaster Management in that we are ready to respond if they require assistance. Details Ahmed Bham 0735716392.

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