Report back: Dr Qasim Bhorat

Report back: Dr Qasim Bhorat, Gift of the Givers Medical Team leader, Beira, Mozambique.

While other Search & Rescue teams prepare to leave Beira, Gift of the Givers teams remain very active in two devastated areas; Beira & Estaquina.

Beira: Beira airport being used as command centre, with only air access to Buzi, GuaraGuara and other affected areas. Gift of the Givers team working with SANDF, SOS, UN and local government on many projects:

# Search & Rescue - many pockets of flooded areas with people still stuck on roofs and trees.  Air rescue the only option in the inaccessible areas.
# Aid distribution - a shift from the acute reaction to one with more food, shelter, blankets and drinking water distribution.
# Medical care - providing valuable medical services to those affected. From open infected wounds, fractures, acute diarrhoea, malnutrition, pneumonia, ear infections to diabetes, HIV, asthma care.... the full spectrum of diseases. We ran a medical camp at Guaraguara for 2 days, seeing over 250 patients and providing  life saving surgical procedures and medication.

Estaquina: An area near Bizo, where our second team has been hard at work.  Search and rescue mainly by water, using our boats the Gift of the Givers team together with the support of local farmers have rescued close to 2100 people...
Also providing food, shelter, water and medical care for all, once again with the help of the local farming community.
They even helped rebuilding roads, bridges and other critical access points.

Today we are mobilising an additional specialised medica team which includes GP's, orthopaedic surgeon,   gynaecologists, paediatrician, dietitian and others, all to fly to Beira and be deployed to Estaquina, where approximately 6000 people are severely affected.  They will take along additional supplies and over 500kg of medicines.

Gift of the Givers is truly remarkable, being able to respond on all 3 of the critical elements of any disaster response:
Search & Rescue
Medical Relief
Humanitarian Aid

And we are helping rebuild infrastructure by repairing the only hospital in Beira.. where all theatres have ground to a halt due to damage. Once done, the surgical operations can restart.

I am honored to he part of this wonderful organization... God bless all those in the field, keep them safe and maximize their efforts, Amen.

Dr Qasim Bhorat

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