Gift of the Givers Response to Mozambique Flooding

Gift of the Givers intervention in Mozambique was unique. The Off Road Rescue Unit, being an integral part of Gift of the Givers, travelled by road from Bramley to Estaquina, near Buzi, one of the most devastated areas of Cyclone Idai. The team set up radio communications with the Gift of the Givers team in Beira, established the camp at Estaquina which became a focal point where food delivery and medical care was provided. From this camp boat rescues, boat food delivery and transfer of Gift of the Givers medical teams to areas inaccessible by road were carried out. The camp became the focal point of Gift of the Givers operations 130km away from Beira.

Gift of the Givers used Beira Airport as the co-ordinating centre to support our Estaquina camp and other operations. Colonel Zurich, head of SANDF, was a pillar of strength to our initiatives, availing the Oryx helicopter to us virtually every day to deliver essential humanitarian aid. Gift of the Givers hired three of its own helicopters and was supported by two more. Mozambican Government medical personnel and medical supplies, Gift of the Givers teams, food aid and medical supplies, international media and local agencies requiring assistance with food drops were transported by our helicopters.
Volunteer farmers in Estaquina area, medical and boat rescue personnel from Zimbabwe, France, Israel, Kenya and Canada served at our camp.

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