Gift Gets a Special Gift from Gift of the Givers and Kaizer Chiefs

Gift of the Givers gives Gift Phasha from Mafefe in Limpopo a specialised wheelchair. Here is his story....

"Ever since my cousin was diagnosed Hydrocephalus in 1989, I've been searching long and hard for ways to assist him with getting mobility as he can't walk, we have found a wheelchair but as he has grown up it became small for him to use and to travel with. This year, I made it my goal to find a way to get him a new wheelchair and to watch a Kaizer Chief match as he is a huge fan of the club. He never misses a Kaizer Chief match and even though he can't speak we know that he knows all the players as he would mumble to try to speak when a goal wasn't made. He even knows the time and channel the match would play as he is able to operate the remote while no one has taught him. God truely works through him and he is showing us that he is able to do remarkable things.

As part of my participation to Gift's happiness, I'm requesting that he would be granted a new wheelchair which would be able to sustain his height and weight and also to be taken to watch a Kaizer Chief match which will mean the world to him. Your donation towards his life would be a great help as he was born disabled, this restricts him from doing various things in his life, like going to a disabled school as there aren't that many in Mafefe and als the family can't afford to pay the fee for the one on Polokwane (Kathryn Barwise: New Horizon School for Disabled). He can't travel by himself from one place to another as he can't hold things and push the wheels as the wheelchair is manual and not electric so it requires the help of his mother to always be by his side helping him throughout."

Gift was born with hydrocephalus which was only discovered when he was 9 months old. A shunt was implanted in his brain to drain the fluid but informed the family that his brain won't grow and. He will be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He cannot move and cannot speak.

His lifetime wish was to watch a Kaizer Chief soccer match being the die hard supporter that he is. He knows all the players name and was going to buy his own ticket with the help of his very supportive family. All that was needed was a specialised wheelchair. Gift's family contacted us for the wheelchair and through our relationship with Kaizer Chiefs, Muhammad Sooliman together with Kaizer Chiefs arranged a supper and get together last night where an official handover was done. Gift was ecstatic! He will be at the match tonight between Kaizer Chiefs and Polokwane City.

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