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The Logo

God Almighty Exists . The large "G" represents Him. He is the Originator, Protector and Sustainer of ALL Creation. He never sleeps. It is He Who humbles the mighty, and Who exalts the humble. He is without place, yet no place is devoid of Him. He is the Greatest Giver , Giving the Gift of life, sustenance, health, knowledge, intellect, wisdom and guidance. He is Absolute Mercy, Most Compassionate to ALL humanity, represented by the little "g". The symbol represents man in kneeling position with head bowed down and hands outstretched. Man is in need materially and spiritually. But God Almighty is closer to him than his own soul; it is man who is far from Him. He grants the supplication of every supplicant. He is Generous. He does not withhold His Gifts from the erring. He brings to birth, yet is not born. He gives to eat, yet does not eat. He has no need of anything, everything needs Him, yet when man takes one step towards Him, the Supreme Glory takes ten steps towards man; when man comes walking, He comes running and when man comes running, He comes flying. This is a Gracious God to Whom belong the Most Beautiful Attributes.

Gift of the Givers Foundation are facilitators of Almighty God's Aid (in a metaphorical sense), distributing it from Him to all of mankind. This is made possible only by His Grace and Permission. God's Aid is received by the Foundation through His representatives, namely, sublime human beings who are imbued with and reflect the Divine Attributes of Mercy, Kindness, Compassion, Care and Generosity in their behaviour and personality. These are the Donors, the Givers, the Life Blood of the organisation Giving the Gift of time, gentle words, material assistance, financial contributions and intellectual abilities. Their Generosity permits Gift of the Givers Foundation to serve mankind selflessly ensuring that the honour, dignity and respect of all recipients of assistance are strictly guarded without exception.

The Logo symbolises the "Hand" of Almighty God over the hand of man signifying Positivity and Hope. The Gift of the Givers Foundation and its Donors strive to be that symbol of Hope, God Willing.