Careline: 18th Anniversary

The 5th of May 2015 marked the 18th anniversary of the Gift of the Givers Careline counselling services. The counselling service is run by three full time staff and a small core group of dedicated volunteer counsellors. Over the nearly two decades they have reached out to many individuals, couples, children and families; empowering the lives of those whom they come into contact with. The organization understands the importance of self care in order to care for others; therefore arranged a reflective practice workshop that was run by two senior in house counsellors. The organization also realizes the importance of showing appreciation and acknowledgement to its counsellors for their dedication and self sacrifice thus presenting them with gifts and treating them to a light lunch. The counsellors appreciated this gesture of being lavished outwardly but appreciated the gift of being able to “check in” with oneself even more.

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