16/07/2015 - Five South Africans Arriving Tomorrow

Dear Media

Thank you for the huge media interest in this story. We appreciate that you would like to meet the five South Africans that arrive tomorrow in South Africa. We have reservations for several reasons:

1. It may disadvantage the five still in detention. It will probably be prudent to meet the media at a later stage after the families understand what really transpired.
2. We can confirm that we have the names of the five returning but only know one of the five in the group. We don't have any idea who the other four are or who their families are. It is, therefore, not ethical for us to release the names without permission from their families.
3. We don't have permission from the families to allow the family members to speak to the media so that poses another ethical problem. It's understood that the group must be psychologically and emotionally traumatized.

We would prefer getting the permission of the returning group and their families to engage the media and would do that as soon as possible without jeopardizing those still in custody. We are aware that the five South Africans are leaving some time tonight but we don't have flight details as this is a personal issue arranged by the respective families with the tour operator. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.