06/08/2015 - Gift of the Givers Turns 23 Today

Dear Recipients It has been another great year for Gift of the Givers thanks to the wonderful support from all of South Africa.  We appreciate the contribution of every single person, be it cash or kind, be it one rand or one hundred thousand rand; be it in the form of prayer, words of support, well wishes, advice or promoting our activities through whatever manner.

There will be no celebration, no party, no cutting of cake but only a silent prayer of thankfulness to the Almighty, for through His permission, we have managed to serve millions of people worldwide. A special thanks to all our permanent and new donors, the mainstream and community media that always publicise our activities thereby bringing in further support to assist others in need, to those who actively harness social media to promote our activities, to government for always providing diplomatic and other types of support at short notice, to the corporates, women's groups, religious bodies and just everyone who have made it possible for us to be where we are today.  Our thanks extends to South Africans and to those beyond our shores who in recent times have been contributors to our success in their own way.

A special gratitude must be reserved for our staff, local and international, who selflessly serve be it weekend or public holidays, who give their entire being for the benefit of others; and finally, to those medical and search and rescue volunteers who at short notice, drop everything and put their lives at risk, stop their income, give up their comforts and plunge themselves into areas of high risks, in territories unknown, in situations with the greatest challenges, and yet do it over and over again.  A special thanks to all our families who make the biggest sacrifices and permit us to do what we do best.  And finally to Louis Grantham, Nicola Van Rooyen, Bookstorm and Shafiq Morton for capturing the history of Gift of the Givers in a book and having it published last year; and thanks to SAfm for having the book read on radio over eight weeks with the last reading scheduled for today.  

Thank you all.  Your prayer and support is valued more than we can describe in words.