01/09/2015 - Careline Finds Pathways for Poverty Relief for Clients

Gift of the Givers Careline has found that there has been an increase in the number of requests for food and other material aid through their case-load. These are requests from individuals and families. To this end director, Zohra Sooliman, invited guest speakers, Miss K Pillay and S Naidoo, from the Family Aid Fund, an organisation that is operating in Pietermaritzburg for the last 15 years.

Other agencies that provide similar services were also highlighted their work at the workshop. Strict vetting procedures were stipulated so as to avoid 'chancers'. Such requests are an indicator of the dire socio-economic conditions prevalent in society. As a counselling service that encounter individuals who do not only require psycho-social support, it is critical that the counsellors are well informed of such resources so that clients can access them. Small interventions have the potential to make big changes in the lives of those less fortunate.

Zohra Sooliman constantly emphasizes the need for counsellors to be educated, informed and resourceful in every area in order to provide an effective service.

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