11/09/2015 - Workshop on Customary and Divorce Laws

Workshop hosted at Gift of the Givers Careline by UKZN Gender Studies department and Commission for Gender Equality.

A workshop on customary marriage and divorce laws was held for the counselors at the Gift of the Givers Careline. The presenters were Dr Fatima Seedat from UKZN Religion and Gender Studies and Tarryn Powess, a lawyer at the Commission for Gender Equality.

In the context of the Gift of the Givers Careline Counselling Services the workshop was very informative and valuable. The focus was on the legal system addressing issues that women and children (boys and girls) are faced with. It covered contracts before entering into marriage, divorce settlements, recourse in the case of inheritance upon death to name a few. It was evident that tremendous progress has been made in terms of the legal processes regarding customary marriage laws. A substantial number of users of the counseling services belong to various ethnic groups therefore knowledge of these processes are very relevant and applicable. The counselors and presenters engaged vigorously around many contentious issues leaving many areas open for further workshops in the future. Topics for follow up workshops were identified and would certainly be scheduled in for later dates on the Careline calendar.

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