13/10/2015 - Coregroup with Northdale Hospital Crisis Care Centre

Sr Sunitha Maharaj  from the Northdale Hospital Crisis Care Centre was the guest at GOTG Careline's monthly core group meeting. She gave the counsellors a breakdown of the services they offer to the community. They are predominantly a Medico-Legal Service provider which involves working with the South African Police Services, the Department of Justice and other like-minded organisations. Medico legal work in areas such as domestic violence, collection of forensic evidence in cases of rape and drunken driving, age and gender assessment in cases of grant applications are some of the services provided. This orientation was very helpful in terms of understanding the referral procedure as well as how to engage other departments and agencies. Sr Sunitha indicated that there was a great need for counselling for their patients and clients. GOTG Careline offered a joint initiative where their counsellors can be stationed at the crisis care centre at regular intervals to assist with this load. This meeting was valuable as Northdale Crisis Care Centre are critical to add to the team of high quality service delivery.

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