23-28/11/2015 - Food Distribution in Namaqualand

Gift of the Givers reaches out to the people of Namaqualand with 3000 Food Parcels.

The land of, as they call it, “the forgotten people” is a dry but mineral rich region that attracts a flock of tourists to its spectacular abundance of wild flowers. Gift of the Givers and the teams from SAfm and Radio Sonder Grense went searching for what lies beyond the beauty and witnessed the tremendous poverty.

The name Gift of the Givers spread like wild fire through Namaqualand as people became aware of our trucks that made its rounds through each “dorpie” handing out food parcels to the most deserving people who were identified by priests and community leaders.

Social ills are crippling the community and this became abundantly clear when recipients made comments like:

“Thank you, today God has answered my prayer”
“ When I woke up this morning I did not know where my next plate of food would come from”
“Thank God now I can put some of this food away for Christmas”

A tremendous amount of work and background logistics went into the delivery of aid as our trucks made several trips back and forth for two months, delivering and storing goods in a warehouse which was eventually distributed to 3 areas per day, sometimes till 2am.

A great thank you to Rev. Earl Richards from the Anglican church who facilitated the process of the distribution and to Norbit Nel for the use of his store at no charge to Gift of the Givers.

  • 3000 Food Parcels
  • 800  Huggies Disposable Nappies
  • 3000 Clothing Packs
  • 3000 Hygiene and Detergent Packs

Total Project Value: R2.5 million

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