07/02/2012 - Rama Margarine

Gift of the Givers donates 30x10x500 grams of Rama Margarine to the following institutions in the Western Cape valued at R7 796.10 each.

  • St Michaels Home, Home for Young Abused Mothers with Babies
  • Claremont Night Shelter, Shelter for the Homeless
  • Al Noor Centre, An Ophanage
  • The Haven Night Shelter District Six, Shelter for the Homeless
  • The Old Age Home, Shelter for the Elderly
  • Noah, Home for the Elderly
  • Percy Bartley House, Childrens Home for Abandoned, Abused and Neglected
  • Siviwe / Ons Plek, Shelter for the Homeless
  • St Anne's Homes, Home for Abused Women and Children
  • Edmund House, Shelter for the Homeless
  • The Haven Night Shelter, Shelter for the Homeless

Maitland Cottage Home, Home for Disabled Children60x10x500 gr margarineR7 796.10
Rugayas Creche15x10x500 gr margarineR3 898.05
The Haven Night Shelter30x10x500 gr margarine
10 boxes chutney sachets
10 boxes beef stew
10x6x1 lt mayonaise
R12 005.50
Loaves and Fishes Shelter30x10x500 gr margarine
5 boxes chutney sachets
5 boxes beef stew
5x6x1 lt mayonaise
R9 980.00
  • Al_Noor_Centre
  • Haven_Shelter_Claremont
30 x 10 x 500 gr Rama Margarine
10 Boxes Chutney sachets, 10 Boxes beef stew,
10 x 6 x 1 Lt Mayonaise,