09/03/2012 - eSimphiwe "Baby House" and Children's Shelter

At the eSimphiwe "Baby House" and Children's Shelter in Richmond, their main aim is to take in broken babies and be there as the "bridge" between abandonment and finding adoptive parents or other permanent home in which the child can be safe and loved. The children are with them for up to six months while the social services work at rehabilitating them back into their own families.
    The Shelter received 3 Hampers consisting of the following items amongst others:

    • Oil
    • Rice
    • Sugar
    • Tinfish
    • Tin Beans
    • Robertsons and Rajah Cooking Spices
    • Mrs Balls Chutney
    • Salt
    • Flora Margarine
    • Glen Teabags
    • Aromat
    • Knorrox Soup
    • 30 x 80ml Bottles of Purity
    • 1 Box of Disposable Linen
    • 384 x 450g Rama Margarine
    • 1 Box of Sibusiso Ready Food
    • 2 x 10kg Rice
    • 6 x 750ml Baby Cereal
    • 28 x 400ml Nan Milk Formula
    • 2 x Unilever Personal Hygiene Packs

    Total Project Value: R5 000.00

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