25/04/2012 - Food Distribution

Gift of the Givers donates Food, Hygiene Products and Shoes to Institutions in the Western Cape.

InstitutionDescriptionQuantityProject Value

Owl Haven Shelter

A Shelter in Lansdowne for the Homeless

10x12x400 ml Shampoo
1x4x5 lt Handy Andy
1x36x400 ml Sunlight Liquid
1x144x100 gr Vaseline Soap
2x25 kg Washing Powder
1x32x20 Sanitary Pads
1x 12 kg Glen Tea
1x28x500 gr All Bran Flakes
1x12x750 gr Kellogs Corn Flakes
1x20 kg Mayonaise
1x25 kg Mrs Balls Chutney
1x160x40 gr Barbeque Spice
1x160x40 gr Chicken Spice
1x40x24 gr Chicken Stock Cubes

R12 020.32

Ihata Shelter

A Shelter for abused
Women and Children

111 Pairs Ladies Shoes

R8 880.00

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