27/06/2012 - Distribution of Detergents and Hygiene Packs

Gift of the Givers distributes Detergents and Personal Hygiene Packs to the following Informal Settlements in the Western Cape.

AreaQuantityProject Value
Mfuleni Informal Settlement

350 x 3 x 1kg Washing Powder
20 x 9kg Washing Powder
20 x 5kg Washing Powder

R26 189.30

Happy Valley Informal Settlement

1500 x 2 x 2kg Washing Powder
600 x Roll On
300 x 200ml Shampoo
150 x 150ml Vaseline
200 x 100gr Body Soap
10 Bales Toys

R142 042.00

Total Project Value: R168 231.30

  • Happy_Valley_Informal_Settlement_Blackheath
  • Mfuleni_Informal_Settlement_Mfuleni

21/06/2012 - Diabetes S.A

21/06/2012 - Diabetes S.AMembers of Diabetes S.A receive 50 Personal Hygiene Packs and Soup Packs. Each pack consisted of:

  • 250ml Dove Shower Gel
  • 200ml Sunsilk shampoo
  • 400ml Vaseline Body lotion
  • 100ml Blueseal Vaseline
  • 40g Shield Anti-Perspirant Stick
  • Toothbrush
  • 200g Lux Soap
  • 150ml Radox Deodorant

  • 5 x 60g Knorrox Chilli Beef Soup
  • 60g Knorr Minestrone Soup
  • 8 x 50g Robertsons Chakalaka Seasoning
  • 3 x 60g Knorr Minestrone Soup
  • 50g Rajah
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15/06/2012 - Potchefstroom Stadium

15/06/2012 - Potchefstroom Stadium850 unemployed families in Potchefstroom were identified by COSATU's Solly Phetu who approached GOTG for assistance in the form of food parcels. The premier of the Northern Cape, Thandi Modesi, was also present and helped with the distribution of wholesome meals and food parcels. We had further assistance from a group of disabled volunteers from the community who helped pack food parcels. It was  Read more  

16/06/2012 - Youth Day

16/06/2012 - Youth DayTo celebrated Youth Day GOTG encourages the youth to be conscious about their surroundings and be more caring for their communities. We fed 1000 people in Lwandle, Strand, Western Cape.

Total project Value: R9 080.11.


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01/06/2012 - Borehole Sunk in Malawi

01/06/2012 - Borehole Sunk in MalawiMary's Meals is a Scottish NGO that supports underpriviledged schools in Malawi by means of feeding schemes. Often they do not have water available to prepare the meals. Gift of the Givers provides a borehole to Mary's Meals which was sunk at a primary school outside the city of Blantyre.

Cream biscuits were also distributed to the learners, teachers and members of the Parent and Teacher
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21/06/2012 - Release of SA Couple Held By Somali Pirates

Gift of the Givers have been inundated by calls from the media regarding the apparent release of the SA couple by Somali pirates today. We were initially involved in negotiations from end July to early January 2012. It was then that the family preferred to handle the negotiations personally. We respectfully withdrew.

Following repeated media enquiries today we can confirm via our office in
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05/06/2012 - Core Group Meeting

05/06/2012 - Core Group MeetingThe monthly Careline Core Group meeting held at GOTG Pietermaritzburg branch, hosted guest speaker Rubeena Partab from UKZN, Howard College. She delivered a presentation on Bereavement and Grief as a part of the counsellors Continuous Development.
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