21/06/2012 - Release of SA Couple Held By Somali Pirates

Gift of the Givers have been inundated by calls from the media regarding the apparent release of the SA couple by Somali pirates today. We were initially involved in negotiations from end July to early January 2012. It was then that the family preferred to handle the negotiations personally. We respectfully withdrew.

Following repeated media enquiries today we can confirm via our office in Mogadishu that the couple were in the Deputy Prime Minister's compound and have just boarded a flight to Nairobi.

This is the first picture taken of the couple at the Presidential Palace today, by cellphone.

For more details on developments please contact Dr Hashi, GOTG Somali representative, 073 000 4228.

Gift of the Givers wants to stress that the release is not through our doing. All credit to the family and whoever else was involved. We are only serving as a conduit for of information for today's event.

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