01/08/2012 - Breastfeeding Awareness

Gift of the Givers and the Department of Health brought together a group of women and teenagers to the Silahla Sports Grounds in Indaleni Richmond to hilite the importance of breastfeeding. Many children are malnourished and susceptible to illness and disease as a result of not being breastfed by their mothers. Mothers are then faced with difficult choices as they need to leave their homes in search of work.

Lalitha, from the Department of Health, works closely with rural and impoverished communities and saw the need to created awareness about breastfeeding. As teenage pregnancy is rife in this particular community, Lalitha also educated the young girls to abstain from sexual activity and encouraged them to focus on school.

Gift of the Givers provides 100 Blankets and Soup Packs whilst the Department of Health distributes Seeds toward their garden project.

Total Project Value: R30 000.00

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