06/08/2013 - Gift of the Givers Celebrates its 21st Anniversary

This is a message of gratitude to all of society, South Africans and others, and to those diverse race, religious and cultural groups who have supported us in goodwill, in kind words, in financial contributions and items in kind; to the media for promoting our activities and bringing home the hardships of suffering humanity; to the various government departments including the Presidency, International Relations, Reserve Bank, SARS, Social Development, Home Affairs, the Post Office and so many others; to the host of donors including small businesses, professionals, schools, women groups, sports bodies, the public and even those of minimal means in informal settlements; to the volunteers, the medical and search and rescue teams, in short, everyone who has played a role in our development including those who gifted us with their sincere prayers are embodied in this message of GRATITUDE.

Gift of the Givers is 21 years old today, born on the 6 August 1992, on a Thursday night, on the spiritual instruction of a great Sufi teacher in Istanbul, Turkey with a simple message:

"serve all of mankind irrespective of race, religion, colour, culture, class, geographical location or political affiliation; serve with kindness and compassion, preserve the dignity of man, serve unconditionally and do not expect any thanks; do it purely out of love, for service to mankind ultimately is service to the Almighty at the highest level of spirituality in any religious teaching".

With your goodwill and generosity we have delivered R985 million in aid to millions of people in 40 countries, South Africa included, in 21 categories of the most diverse projects.  The ONE BILLION RAND mark is palpably close.

We say a big THANK YOU and may the Almighty bless you all, answer your prayer and grant that which is good for you.

Imtiaz Sooliman and the Gift of the Givers Team