08/10/2012 - Malawi Handover of Fortified Maize Flour

GOTG launches distribution of food aid in partnership with Malawian President Joyce Banda towards assisting two million hungry people. Malawi branch Chairman, Gaffar Jakhura, officially hands over 400 bags of Fortified Maize Flour to the President during a ceremony held at the Lakeshore District of Salima, Malawi.
  • Official_handover_ceremony_of_food_donation_to_Pres_Banda_by_Mr_Gaffar_Jakhura_of_GOTG_Malawi
  • Symbolic_handover_of_Fortified_Maize_Flour_to_Pres_Banda_of_Malawi_at_Salima_-_Photo_2