17/10/2012 - 78 Year Old Receives Zozo

“ She lives in a shack that looks as if it may collapse at any time. She is also losing her eyesight and is starving”.
These words, found in the Daily Sun 12 October 2012, caught our attention and after reading the article our office immediately contacted the journalist who brought this poor women's plight to light. GOTG also contacted Mr Linda Twala, a big icon, activist and care taker in Alexandra. Together the team gathered supplies and made our way to our next mission. A 78 year old Anamaria Mathebula was in shock to see her Zozo being erected especially for her. Her neighbours came out to rejoice with her.

  • Food Parcel
  • Blankets and
  • Bed linen
  • Zozo
  • Bed
Total Project Value: R13 600.00
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