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03/2019 - Sboniso Zwane

March 15, 2019 Wheelchairs
A 15 year old Sboniso Zwane Newcastle suffers from a genetic disorder called Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Gift of the Givers delivered a new wheelchair to him which he was thrilled to receive.

27/02/2019 - Osando from the Bluff

March 06, 2019 Wheelchairs
Osando was born with holes in her heart, she struggles to breathe and is often in hospital. She received a new wheelchair form Gift of the Givers.

08/02/2019 - Sassa Lenasia

March 04, 2019 Wheelchairs
A wheelchair was delivered to the Sassa office in Lenasia where Mrs Amina Dawood, a Sassa employee, received it. Mrs Dawood explained that there are many old people reporting to the Lenasia branch and some of whom are…

12/02/2019 - Mr Moatshe

February 14, 2019 Wheelchairs
Mr Moatshe, a double amputee, from Lonelypark near Mafikeng was very happy to receive a new wheelchair from Gift of the Givers.

Projects - Road Safety

Scholar Patrol Project and AwarenessCampaign


Thedevelopment of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) scholarpatrol project was initiated in 1982 after the Department of Education enteredinto a memorandum of understanding with schools and the previous traffic department. This came as a result of a need:

  • To make children conscious of safety without exposing them to a dangerous traffic situation
  • To encourage the sustainability of scholar patrols by continuous participation
  • To teach children on how to assist fellow learners and other pedestrians to safely cross roads.

Scholarpatrols are groups of students who look after the road safety of the students atthe school. Each school has a scholar patrol group consisting of 20 to 22students.

GOTG Involvement 

GOTG hasbeen involved in the Scholar Patrol and Road Safety Awareness Campaign since2007. JMPD identified 320 schools, equating to 6,400 students.  Together with JMPD, in October 2007, weparticipated in the Road Safety Awareness programme at the schools and alsodistributed 50 food parcels.  On November 20, 2007, we sponsored 33 trophies,726 medals and food for 6,000 students for the Scholar Patrol Awards held at Wembley Stadium.

In October 2008, wepartnered with JMPD once again to provide trophies and medals to 340 schoolsfor diligently doing their duty towards road safety. In 2008, we also joined EkurhuleniMetropolitan Police Department (EMPD) in their drive for Road Safety. GOTG onceagain helped in distributing trophies, medals and food to the schools that wereinvolved in the Scholar Patrol programme. Schools were split up into three groups and each group had a separateceremony.Warning: No images in specified directory. Please check the directoy!

Debug: specified directory - Left: Teachers, students and the EMPD were present at the Sholar Patrol Awards held at Wembley Stadium in October 2008. Right: EMPD and GOTG handed out certificates, trophies and food to over 6,000 students on various days during the programme.