06/08/2013 - Careline Celebrates Womens Day

Gift of the Givers Careline celebrates Womens' Day at their August Core Group (monthly meeting). Womens' Day is a nationally declared day by government to highlight the prevalence and incidence of domestic violence and various forms of abuse against women, children and the vulnerable.  
At GOTG Careline Counselling their daily efforts are directed at equipping and empowering people who find themselves in such situations through counselling, support groups and training.

To acknowledge the ongoing dedication of  counsellors each volunteer was awarded a token of appreciation.

The guest speakers for this month were Logotherapists, Ashmin Pillay and Karren Naidoo, who spoke about how to make meaning of adversity and turn your life around in order to live a life of purpose and meaning. It was appreciated by all who were given a lot to reflect about. This insight would not only benefit the counsellors in their personal lives but definitely add value to their counselling interventions with 'victims' of domestic violence and abuse.

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