23/08/2013 - Womens Month Distribution

GOTG together with Standard Bank distributes various aid to women in Pietermaritzburg, KZN. The GOTG team ended the evening at an awards event in honour of the SAPS KZN Ladies Soccer Team where they handed over Personal Hygiene Packs.




Ester House

100 Packs of Sanitary Pads

R1 500.00

Etafuleni Community

100 Personal Hygiene Packs

R40 000.00

Mpoloweni Community

150 Soup Packs
150 Personal Hygiene Packs
60 Jars of Sibusiso Ready Food Supplement

R123 900.00

SAPS Women70 Personal Hygiene PacksR28 000.00

Total Project Value: R193 400.00
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