05/10/2013 - Weekend in the North West Province

On Saturday the Zeerust Woman's Forum hosted a Syrian Day event at the community hall where Ahmed Bham presented a talk on Gift of the Givers relief mission in Syria. The response was amazing and many generously donated toward the project.

The GOTG team then distributed a number of aid items on Sunday to the villages of Matlase and Madutle near the Botswana border 60 km from Zeerust. The nearest clinic is 30 km away from these very remote villages which are normally visited once every month by mobile clinics.

Items distributed:

  • 200 Food Parcels
  • 200 Blankets
  • 5 Wheelchairs
  • 200 Loaves of Bread
  • 200 Walking Sticks

Total Project Value:R54 500.00

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