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Sewer Repair May 2017

May 16, 2017 Syria
Gift of the Givers repairs sewer and water networks at Az zoof camp in Idlib, Syria.

Drought Affected Villages

May 15, 2017 Somalia
Gift of the Givers delivers aid to 600 families to the 3 worst drought affected agro-pastoralist villages in Jowhar district. The distribution was attended by local Hirshabelle authorities such as acting President of…

Boreholes Sunk in Malawi in 2016

April 24, 2017 Boreholes/Waterwells
Kanengo Police - MPS, Lilongwe Police Lines -C Company - MPS, Lilongwe Issa Village, Machinga Rajab Village, Blantyre Rural Chileka, Blantyre Rural Kane Village, Chiradzulu Makhiringa Village, Blantyre Each of the above…

Gift of the Givers Shiraaz Mahomed Camp

Gift of the Givers Shiraaz Mahomed Camp
This is the Albunyan Almarsoos Camp now called the Gift of the Givers Shiraaz Mahomed Camp where Shiraaz Mahomed captured pictures of the Gift of the Givers team distributed Food Parcels, Cooked Meals and Kitchen Equipment.
Whilst this camp is dedicated to Shiraaz it's in honour of all journalists who have gone missing in Syria.

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Shiraaz Mahommed

Shiraaz Mahommed

Following the "capture" of Shiraaz Mahommed on Tuesday night in Darkoush one of our medical team members, Dr Ahmad Ghandour, was summoned to the Investigation Department of An Nusra (now Fath Al Sham), an ex Al Qaeda affiliate to answer questions on Shiraaz Mahommed. He met two armed in military uniform, their faces veiled, then was taken blindfolded to some area. He had to wait in isolation for

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