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1300 Food Parcels for IDP's

March 22, 2018 Yemen
1300 food parcels delivered to IPD's in Taiz province. Each food parcels contains: Cooking Oil Canned Fish Canned Beans Rice

Wheelchair Distribution to Injured in Taiz Province

March 22, 2018 Yemen
In Taiz province, 40 wheelchairs were donated by Gift of the Givers to women and children wounded in the war.

Sewer Install Complete

March 16, 2018 Syria
The Gift of the Givers team in Syria completed installation of the sewage network in a camp in Idlib province.

11/03/2017 - Trey Ogle

Trey Ogle, a 15 in Pietermaritzburg was in desperate need of a wheelchair which Gift of the Givers donated to him. The teenager has Downs Syndrome and is now too old to attend the local special needs institutions and has to be placed in a day care facility.

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