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Water Distribution October 2017

October 18, 2017 Yemen
Gift of the Givers distributes water in Yemen on daily basis. Now millions of litres is being supplied by our two truck in Sana'a and Hodaidah.

Somalia Bomb Attack

October 17, 2017 Somalia
Saturday's bomb blast in Mogadishu has been the worst Somalia has ever seen with 276 left dead and 300 injured. Some of the Gift of the Givers staff donated the priceless gift of blood and our medical team assisted…

04/09/2017 - Sportswear for Orphans

October 09, 2017 Yemen
90 children from the orphanage in Sanaa receive sportswear from Gift of the Givers.

11/03/2017 - Trey Ogle

Trey Ogle, a 15 in Pietermaritzburg was in desperate need of a wheelchair which Gift of the Givers donated to him. The teenager has Downs Syndrome and is now too old to attend the local special needs institutions and has to be placed in a day care facility.

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