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Palestinian Volunteers at Gaza Boarder

April 16, 2018 Palestine
Gift of the Givers paramedic and nursing team are stationed 25m from the Gaza border as the point of first contact for injured Palestinian civilians. Medical equipment and supplies sponsored by Gift of the Givers.…

Gift of the Givers Provided Medical Supplies and Wheelchairs

April 09, 2018 Palestine
Gift of the Givers has intervened in the current situation in #Gaza providing medical supplies, hygiene kits and wheelchairs, assisting various medical facilities overflowing with injured civilians having been shot by…

03/2018 - Flood Relief in Quthing and Mount Moroni

March 28, 2018 Lesotho
Gift of the Givers representative, Tebo, is pictured with the Honourable Minister, Mr Thesele John Maseribane of Lesotho, handing out donations organised by Commonwealth Businesswomen Africa and Caring Womens Forum in…

Video Clip - SABC News 18 December 2016 (Syria)