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Desalination Plant in Gaza

September 03, 2019 Palestine
Gift of the Givers third Desalination Plant in Gaza three weeks away from completion.

Palestine MOU

September 03, 2019 Palestine
Dr Malik Abou-Rageila, Gift of the Givers Palestine Country Manager and Mr Mohasin Atawneh, Director of Wafaa in West Bank, Palestine, sign an MOU to extend joint services across all regions of Palestine including West…

Borehole Handover in Somba Village, Malawi

August 14, 2019 Malawi
Gift of the Givers has officially handed over a newly sunk borehole at Somba 2 Village in Blantyre Rural District. Somba Village has a population of approximately 300 households. In the past years, the village has had…

Photo Gallery - Floods on Alexandra 2000

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