Haiti Update

It was indeed a memorable trip, travelling with the Southern African Archbishop of the Anglican Church, Thabo Makgoba, and Reverend Butterworth. Representing South Africa and its rainbow nation, we were received by the Episcopal Archbishop of Haiti, The Right Reverend J. Zach Duracin, and later joined by the Episcopalic Archbishop of Europe, Pierre Whalon.This was, in essence, a solidarity, goodwill trip and an assessment for the delivery of SA supplies.

Haiti is in ruins, emotionally, physically, economically and infrastructurally but NOT in spirit. An incredible energy exudes a population in which every home has been touched by personal tragedy, with a death toll far in excess of 300 000 being openly acknowledged. Yet there is an aura of determination, an inexplicable drive by ordinary Haitans to get to work immediately expecting neither pity nor sympathy but awaiting opportunity.

Haitans need our assistance in a huge way to restore dignity and overcome difficulty.
Tents, blankets, water, food, high energy supplements, corrugated sheeting, generators, candles, medical supplies, mosquito nets, stationery, toys, and soccer balls will be sent.
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