06/11/2012 - Leratong Educare Centre

The principal of the Leratong Educare Centre, Mrs Manthako Francina Phalatse, was overwhelmed when GOTG announced that they will be visiting her centre with toys and biscuits for the children. She opened the centre 7 years ago when she saw that parents didn't have anywhere to leave their children during working hours. One of the things she hopes to achieve in the near future is to provide daily meals for the kids as some of them aren't always able to bring lunch.

One thing's for sure, these children will never forget the big green truck that brought their goodies to them.
  • 40 Toys
  • 80 Packs of Biscuit
Total Project Value: R5 600.00.
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06/11//2012 - Ha Tsosane Primary School

06/11//2012 - Ha Tsosane Primary SchoolWe identified the Ha Tsosane Primary School as a suitable point of distribution during our trip to Lesotho. This school is situated in a small village which is home to very poor families. The moment the villagers saw the Gift of the Givers truck make its way into their village, they ran in our direction singing songs of praise.

Our team was assisted by Mr Silas Mosuhli, the Director from the Prime
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04/11/2012 - Mahlekefane L.E.C Primary School

04/11/2012 - Mahlekefane L.E.C Primary SchoolThe GOTG team strategised how they would get the aid, by truck, to the school situated high up in the mountain. Eventually our team was able to deliver to 120 learners, all anxiously awaiting our arrival.

The Mahlekefane L.E.C Primary was once an old stable and now caters for children from grade 1 to 12. The teachers and principal, Mrs Matshie Shasha, are very commited and dedicated to their
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04/11/2012 - Rampai Village Hall

04/11/2012 - Rampai Village HallAn experience like this was an absolute first for the Rampai villagers. As the GOTG cook prepared the meal for a 1000, the aroma filled the atmosphere and people came streaming down the mountain to the community hall where the distribution would take place.

The people are very traditional in their attire and way of live. The men and boys, in true Sotho culture, adorn themselves in blankets. The
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05/11/2012 - Scott Hospital

05/11/2012 - Scott HospitalThe Scott Hospital is about 50 km from Maseru and was identified by the SA Commissioner’s Office. It serves a community of underprivileged families but the hospital itself is struggling.

On arrival the GOTG team was welcomed by hospital staff and Administrator, Mr Maxwell Thamae. He expressed his appreciation before the distribution could even begin. We were accompanied by Mr S. Jelle, a councilor
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