25/11/2016 - Farmers Pack Distribution

The exercise has been undertaken in partnership with Malawi Relief Fund-UK who provided financial assistance to procure and distribute 500 farmers' packs. In addition, our local donor, i.e. Rab Processors Ltd, has also provided funds for purchase and distribution of 1000 farmers' packs. 

The programme has covered twelve districts namely: Blantyre Rural, Zomba, Balaka, Mangochi, Machinga, Thyolo, Chikwawa, Nsanje, Mwanza, Neno, Phalombe and Mulanje, targeting farmers who lost their crops during the last planting season due to drought.

The beneficiaries included families that have recently been affected by heavy rains in Balaka, Zomba and Machinga districts. Since the rains started two weeks ago, 150 houses have been destroyed in Balaka district during which the life of one person was lost and 50 other persons were seriously injured. In Machinga and Zomba districts, the rains have destroyed 40 and 50 houses, respectively.  Furthermore, 200 more houses have also been destroyed in Nsanje district. 

The situation in Malawi is dire as our spot survey indicates that many people are experiencing hunger in many parts of the country, mainly in the Southern Region.  Most people are relying on mangoes for survival; the situation is aggravated by the struggling economy as the cost of most basic items such as maize, beans, cooking oil and soap, among others has gone up.

Total Project Value: R279 330.00

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The Gift of the Givers Malawi office was started in December 2005 with a staff complement of five people. The scope and reach of the Malawi operation has grown steadily and today, 10 staff members run a number of projects throughout the country (see project list below). 

Their major projects include:
  1. Development of an area known as Domasi situated in Malawi's old capital, Zomba.
  2. Annual distribution
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Food Parcels in Mulanje and Phalombe Districts

Food Parcels in Mulanje and Phalombe Districts

Food parcels and sanitary materials were distributed to a district hospital in Mulanje and five primary schools in Phalombe districts.

Mulanje District Hospital is struggling to provide food to patients who are admitted to the hospital due to inadequate funding. Gift of the Givers has donated 1,500kg of Maize Meal as well as 2,500 packets of Soy chunks relish.

In addition, Gift of the Givers has

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Cataract – the Avoidable Blindness

Cataract is the most common cause of avoidable blindness in Malawi. The most disheartening thing is that people who are blind due to cataract conditions need not be such at all as there is a service that can be provided to make sure that they regain their sight.

Blindness, per se, has a tremendous and negative social impact on affected individuals as well as on their families and the community at

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Primary Health Clinics

Primary Health Clinics

Gift of the Givers set up three containerised mobile clinics in Malawi in the period February 2005 to July 2008. The mobile clinics have been deployed in Soche (Blantyre), Chande (Namwera) and Domasi (Zomba).

The clinics are run in conjunction with the Blantyre District Health Office, Mangochi District Health Office, Zomba District Health Office and the Ministry of Health. The clinics were

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15/11/2016 - Farmers Pack Distribution

15/11/2016 - Farmers Pack Distribution

Gift of the Givers has launched the 2016 Farmers Pack distribution program in the rural areas of Blantyre.
 Maize Seed / Beans Seed and 2 types of Fertilizer which will, God Willing, yield enough food for a family of 5/6 members for the whole year here in Malawi. Meanwhile 6.5 million are affected by the prevalent hunger crisis all over the country.



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Winter Warmth in the Northern Region City of Mzuzu

Winter Warmth in the Northern Region City of Mzuzu

The exercise was carried out in the Northern Region City of Mzuzu during which 500 families were supported with blankets with its precincts in the areas of Luwinga and Katoto. This was a time when the people in the Northern Region especially, Mzimba / Mzuzu, Nkhatabay and Karonga were affected by the floods disaster which displaced over 8,000 people.  

Target beneficiaries were the

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Activities undertaken in our Social and Economic Empowerment through Development of Skills (S.E.E.D.S) projects. These are being undertaken in three areas in Neno and Balaka Districts, respectively.

Under SEEDS, we are implementing the following projects

1.      Chifunga, Neno:

  • Beef Cattle rearing;
  • Cultivation of Maize, Sugarcane, Tomatoes, Pawpaws, Pigeon Peas & Soya


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Support to Malawi Police Service

Support to Malawi Police ServiceAs part of the Inspector General's extension of social services amongst the
Malawi Police Service, his spouse has also been regularly engaged in
assisting the needy families within the Police Service where Gift of the Givers has made contributions.

The following items have  been donated:
  • Blankets: to benefit the widows and children as well as families of the retired police officers across the
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Ambulance and Shoe Handover

Ambulance and Shoe HandoverGift of the Givers had the priviledge of donating 5 597 pairs of new shoes, 2 400 jars of Sibusiso Ready Food, as well as 1 Toyota Motor Vehicle Ambulance to the Department of Nutrition, HIV/AIDS in the Office of the President and Cabinet. All to the value of R1.5 million.

The handover ceremony took place in the presence of Right Honourable Mrs Joyce Banda, Vice President of Malawi, Dr Mary Shawa,
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Food Parcels

Food Parcels

By Ahmed Sunka, Country Manager

The distribution of food parcels to families is an important programme for GOTG. The Gift of the Givers Foundation distributes food parcels in various areas of Malawi targeting child headed families, the elderly and other vulnerable groups of people. Food parcels may be regarded as a “handout”, but for the beneficiaries, it is a vital intervention that alleviates

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