Primary Health Clinics

Gift of the Givers set up three containerised mobile clinics in Malawi in the period February 2005 to July 2008. The mobile clinics have been deployed in Soche (Blantyre), Chande (Namwera) and Domasi (Zomba).

The clinics are run in conjunction with the Blantyre District Health Office, Mangochi District Health Office, Zomba District Health Office and the Ministry of Health. The clinics were officially opened after receiving requests from the District Health Officers of Blantyre, Mangochi and Zomba. Today the three mobile clinics serve communities of over 50,000 people.

Said Country Manager, Ahmed Sunka, “Before the mobile clinics were deployed, people walked long distances to access medical services but now the facilities are providing all the necessary services, within their reach. Initially, the facilities stayed idle for sometime due to logistical problems on government’s side – in terms of deployment of staff and medicines - but the situation has been rectified and the facilities are running properly. Medical services are now within reach and as an organisation we are proud that we really made a difference to the people who had suffered for a long time.” This project is based on the motto: “If people cannot get to health services then health services must get to the people”.


  • 2005: 2 Clinics / communities
  • 2008: 1 clinic / community
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