Construction of Irrigation Facilities

Gift of the Givers signed a Grant Agreement with the Embassy of Japan amounting to R1.08 Million for implementation of the Project for “Improvement of Agriculture Production through Construction of Irrigation Facilities” in two areas in Blantyre and Chiradzulu Districts, respectively.

Total Project Area: 20 Hectares.  Total Beneficiaries: 200 Farmers

Beneficiaries: 100 farmers were registered at each site.

Drilling Boreholes: Two boreholes were drilled and sunk at Nankuyu, with four boreholes at Sagonja.

Tower and plastic tanks:

  • Three overhead tank towers have been erected at Sagonja, which can hold 40,000 litres of water.
  • 75,000-Litre surface water tank has been constructed at Nankuyu

Rehabilitation of existing canals and construction of new canals at Nankuyu:

  • Rehabilitation of existing canals in 6 Hectares has been done at Nankuyu.
  • Construction of new canals on 4 Hectares of land is ongoing at Nankuyu.

Pump control rooms construction and Electrical Works:

  • 90% of Pump House and electrical work has been done at both sites.

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM):

  • Power lines have been connected with the power line at Nankuyu.
  • Escom delivered materials for connection at Sagonja.

Submersible pumps installation and Pipeline laying:

  • 90% of material procurement has been done for both sites.
  • Installation and pipeline laying is ongoing.

200 Farmers training:

  • Constitution and leadership training was done last year.
  • We are arranging for technical training on crop management, irrigation management and Marketing with Govt .Officers.

Irrigation Cropping:

  • Gift of the Givers distributed farm inputs to 100 farmers at Nankuyu
  • Electrical water pump was also installed for farmers to undertake farming on 6 Ha. of land using river water. They harvested and sold green maize in November 2016.
  • They will continue to use the irrigation systems after the rainy season.
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