Hailstorm in Balaka District November 2016

Some parts of Malawi has been experiencing heavy rainfall for the past 2 weeks. However, as previously forecasted by the Dept. of Meteorological Services, the first rains have been violent resulting in the destruction of property, including 150 houses, directly affecting over 700 people in the Balaka district of Southern Malawi.

During the incident, 10 people were severely injured whilst 50 were treated as outpatients. The hailstorm also destroyed food items especially maize which the affected families had kept for consumption during the lean period. This came on top of an already devastating hunger situation, thus, making the people even more distraught.

Gift of the Givers has responded through the donation of various items such as Maize Flour, Soya pieces for relish, plastic plates and cups, to the 150 affected families in the area.

The state of hunger is severe in most parts of Malawi requiring timely and collective interventions so that effects of the hunger situation is contained.

Total Project Value: R16 038.00.

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