National Disaster is Declared in Malawi

This letter was received from the Gift of the Givers Malawi office

"Dear Doctor

We hope and pray the New Year finds you and all at Gift of the Givers in good health.

However, in Malawi, we have begun the year on a gloomy note arising from the onset of incessant rainfall leading to flooding that has destroyed thousands of homes. The catastrophe has left 48 people dead and over 70,000 people stranded without food or shelter.

Since the rains begun late last month, heavy downpours have been common in most parts of the country. Our Meteorological Services and Climate Change Management Department forecasts a continuation of the rainfall for a few more days to come, whilst most parts of the Southern Region, especially the Shire Valley, is completely inundated with flood waters.

The calamity has led to our State President declaring a “State of National Disaster” in which he is appealing for relief aid from both local and international humanitarian organizations, including the United Nations, to assist the affected people, whose immediate requirements are for foodstuffs, blankets, plastic sheeting for erecting temporary shelters as well as cooking utensils.

In support of the President’s appeal, we have compiled and uploaded on YouTube a short video clip that shows the extent of destruction of both property and crops across the country, and this can be viewed at:

In this regard, we would like to target affected households that do not have the wherewithal to sustain themselves in their time of need. Hence, assistance rendered to these hapless souls through our organization will be most appreciated. Such kind intervention, in whatever form, shall be duly acknowledged through written communication as well as pictorial montage captured during dissemination of the aid accordingly.

I look forward to your favourable consideration.



Kindly note that new items in kind relevant to the disaster will be accepted at the Gift of the Givers offices in South Africa. Food, Hygiene Packs, Disinfectants, Plastic Sheeting, Clothing, Shoes, Blankets and Diapers. Bank details provided in previous email.

For details call: 0800786911.