Distribution to Chiradzulu Distribution in Partnership with Malawi Relief Fund - UK

300 Relief Parcels, each containing the following food and non-food items, were distributed to 150 affected families:

  • 30kgs Fortified Maize Meal         
  • 10kgs Corn Soya Blend                   
  • 4.5kgs Soya Pieces (Relish)            
  • 2kgs Baby Porridge                      
  • 1kg Salt                                       
  • 10 Bars Washing Soap                     
  • 20 Water Purification Tablets (to purify 200Lt)
  • 5 Utensils sets                           
  • 2 Blankets                                 
  • 42 Meters Black sheeting

We still have a balance of 30 Relief Parcels to be distributed in the next few days, once the rains have somewhat abated, which prevented the team from distributing this balance during the above exercise. Plans are underway to hand out the balance amongst victims of the flood disaster in due course.

The exercise has been conducted in two areas namely Chigumula in Blantyre Rural as well as Masanjala and Kadewere in Chiradzulu District.  The total number of affected families in Blantyre alone stands at 15,000 whereas, Chiradzulu has 20,000, thereby bringing the total number of beleaguered families to 35,000.

The catastrophic floods in both the two districts have been so tragic such that 10 lives have been lost, whilst enormous destruction of dwelling houses and household goods has occurred, not to mention the deterioration of roads. Inevitably, our team could not succeed in reaching out to flood victims in some of the affected where roads and bridges had completely disappeared.

From a planning, organizational and security standpoint, our Gift of the Givers team is always accompanied to disaster areas either by the District Commissioner /his officials and / or those from the Dept. for Disaster Management Affairs, respectively, in order to ensure:

  1. Rightful beneficiaries are, or have been, identified from amongst the people to avoid duplication.
  2. Due to damaged and impassable roads, aid recipients are usually congregated at one accessible delivery point in the target area/village.
  3. Such group assembling also ensures there is adequate security for both our team and the people.

Once again, we wish convey our sincere thanks to you, Trustees of Malawi Relief Fund-UK and all the donors for your continued efforts in providing support to our people who have been extremely and adversely affected by the floods here in Malawi, both in the remotest areas of Malawi, as well as outskirts of urban areas such as townships, particularly in the 15 of the 28 districts of the country.

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