Ambulance and Shoe Handover

Gift of the Givers had the priviledge of donating 5 597 pairs of new shoes, 2 400 jars of Sibusiso Ready Food, as well as 1 Toyota Motor Vehicle Ambulance to the Department of Nutrition, HIV/AIDS in the Office of the President and Cabinet. All to the value of R1.5 million.

The handover ceremony took place in the presence of Right Honourable Mrs Joyce Banda, Vice President of Malawi, Dr Mary Shawa, Principal Secretary responsible for Nutrition, HIV/AIDS.

Through this donation of shoes, we wish to reach out and restore dignity to its recipients. With the Sibusiso Ready Food we aim to combat malnutrition, which is known as a global "silent killer", enabling the recipients to maintain a good quality lifestyle. We also recognise that easy mobility of patients to Medical Centres is of paramount importance to society, hence we supported Government's effort by donating an ambulance toward the health sector.
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