Feeding in Mauritania

Maatamoulana is a small village in Mauritania which prides itself on being called a city of education.There is one big Mosque here and four smaller Mosques to accommodate people living at the border of the town. Amongst the mosques is also the Mosque of the Islamic Madressah at the edge of the town. Feeding in Mauritania has its own unique culture and therefore things had to be done differently.

The money was split in two. The Iftar which is provided when one breaks the fast and food which is eaten only after Taraweeh. The iftar for breaking the fast consisted of dates, juice, zrig (milk), fateyyah (meat or fish pies, pancakes, alinsha) and a porridge made of oatmeal commonly eaten here. This was distributed to the big mosque and to all the small Mosques everyday.

The second phase of the feeding was the food served after the Taraweeh prayers at about 11pm. The food was made in a tent outside the big Mosque and was distributed from there to everyone. It consisted of a few big pots made each day on coal. People sent kids or came themselves to fetch the food. The meal was meat with couscous or spaghetti. Mauritanians like other people of the desert eat the same food day in and day out and have only about five dishes to their cuisine.

Feeding in Nounkchott ran much smoother as this is its second year running.