Ramadaan 2016

Go into the house of any of the poor in Mauritania and Senegal, at any given time, and it’s practically a surety that there will be no food in the house. These West African countries have an unbelievably high cost of living, and for the majority of people eking out a living, food is the family’s biggest monthly expense. To give an example, an apple costs R5!

So, imagine the relief when families are provided with food parcels for the entire month of Ramadaan! Or when Iftar (feeding at sunset at time of breaking the fast) is provided at a Masjid (place of worship) for the entire month!

For the sixth year running Gift of the Givers has successfully completed Ramadaan Feeding in both Mauritania and Senegal, countries routinely over-looked by global aid agencies.  Alhamdulillah (Praise to the Almighty), each year we have increased our scope of Ramadaan feeding to hundreds of people on a daily basis. This year, 2016, we did Ramadaan Feeding at the following locations:

  • Masjid al-Tilawat, Medina Trois, Noaukchott: Daily iftar in the Masjid.
  • Tarheel, Nouakchott: Daily food parcels and drinking water (brought in by a 12-ton water truck).
  • Mahdharah Teyseer, Teyseer (a village of learning): Daily Iftar to a big student community.
  • Matamoulana (a village of learning): Daily food parcels provided to 60 families.
  • Medina Baye Kaolack, Senegal: Daily Iftar to students.
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