First Update

Gift of the Givers first team arrived in Nepal yesterday. The logistics from day 1 has been a huge challenge. The teams flight had to circle the airport for 1 hr and 30 minutes before it could land.

The reception was fantastic. The Nepalese Government went out of its way to welcome the Gift of the Givers Team. The first team comprised 43 members including search and rescue, medical teams and South African media. The Nepalese Embassy in South Africa went out of its way to help us. DIRCO was extremely helpful. The Indian High Commission opened their Embassy on Sunday to issue us with visas if necessary. A great tribute to them. Singapore Airlines was outstanding in every way. They even issued our tickets without us paying.

35 pieces of luggage had to be left behind in Jhb. Another 65 pieces had to be left in Singapore. The challenges continue.

The team was shown Nepalese Government hospitality and given the Little Hearts School for accommodation. It is called PHECT hospital Kirtipur, situated in outskirt of Kathmandu.
This hospital was handed over to Gift of the Givers to run. Just finalized the arrangements for our medical team. God is Great! We have managed to get control over a 300 bed hospital, with full command by our team.

Our 33 strong specialist team lands tomorrow & we can hit the ground running... God is the best guide, may He guide us all...Ameen. Teams already doing Search and Rescue.
Also trying to find stranded South Africans.

Tents are a huge need. We are launching a campaign to purchase tents. Support the purchase of a family tent R4000 or part thereof. The need is huge. Thousands displaced with no shelter. Cold weather. Monsoon rains on the way. These battered civilians need our support.

Deposit into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525. Details toll free 0800786911.

Second Team with of 37 on the way. Highly specialised trauma medical team. This is the biggest team in our 22 year history. 80 people. Cargo Plane with essential supplies departing tomorrow.