Pakistan Flood 2010

Generator Handover to Learning Centre

Shojawal is a place in the city of Pakistan in the province of Sindh and was one of the areas worst affected by the 2009 floods. A request came from a learning centre in this area to assist with providing lights and Gift of the Givers donated a generator. This centre was also identified as a feeding point to approximately 1000 people for the month of Ramadaan. GOTG representative, Sabir Sayed

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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 34 - 71 Part 2

The village where the major breach at Manchar Lake took place is Nangar Khan Barohi. Here 300 families were assisted. The teams then moved on to Bhan Saeedabad, which is between Sehwan and Nangar Khan Barohi, and here also delivered 300 food parcels. Then it was onward to Dadu, where another 300 families were the fortunate recipients.

In the meantime our teams from Islamabad were also active in
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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 38 - 71 Part 1

Working in Sehwan City, the epicentre of the flood, it was absolutely clear to our teams that increasing the pace and the geographical area of FOOD DISTRIBUTION was the major challenge facing everyone.

Over the next 34 days this proved to be really complicated: with the national highway washed away, the link road between Sehwan and Dadu destroyed, with suppliers running out of supplies and Karachi  Read more  

Pakistan Flood Relief Day 34-37 Part 3

The entire supply team with several trucks arrive. Sehwan City ignites; not only are internally displaced refugees excited here, non affected, but the extremely poor inhabitants of this city also are desperate for a share of what's on offer. The municipality is prepared, even for this challenge; our supplies are moved into secure warehouses and items for the first hundred families are taken to the
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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 34-37 Part 1

Its Friday, 24 September 2010, the 34th day of our mission in Pakistan. An advanced team leaves for Sehwan City. On the way we stop for a courtesy visit at Razakabad to thank Colonel Abdul  Wahid Khan, head of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force, who has been a huge asset in our flood activities. Col Wahid has huge experience in disaster response, having deployed to many areas, including being the first
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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 28 Part 2

Saturday, 18 September 2010. We wrap up distribution in Baajera and head for Jhangera, a few kilometres deeper down the same access road engulfed by flood waters on all sides. That the water level is higher than the day before is obvious; even the current is more intense. We are racing against time both to deliver supplies and in the interest of our own safety.

We reach a NO GO area; the road is
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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 27 Part 2

That we are in the epicentre of the flood area is obvious; millions of litres of water surround us with the danger of being trapped in with the rest of the villagers as the road we use is the only access in or out. The water is ominously close to the road edge and seems to be rising but we have to take our chances. No relief work comes without risk. We've come with life jackets for the whole team.
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International Footballers Join Gift of the Givers Pakistan Relief Effort

Day 21-23 Total shutdown in Pakistan for Eid (festival at end of the Fasting month).

Day 24-26 It's time to take the campaign to a new level. Although the world may understand the scale of destruction it cannot comprehend the magnitude of the emotional, psychological and physical suffering in Pakistan. The necessity for food, water and shelter is unprecedented in the history of natural disasters.  Read more  

Pakistan Flood Relief Day 6-14 Part 2 Islamabad

In the same period whilst relief activities were taking place in Badeen, Gift of the Givers airlifted 750 000 Water Purification tablets from South Africa to Pakistan. These are one of the best in the world and a product of South African technology. Every 2.5g purifies 10L of water. The US army, SANDF and UNICEF are among the groups that utilise this product.

Jawad Khan, representative of Gift of
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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 6-14 Part 1 Karachi

What follows is a personal account of the young group of Gift of the Givers volunteers who have continued serving their countrymen with distinction. Several days were utilised in the procurement of supplies, packing, warehousing and then delivery. The unedited version below has been penned by Neelum Sayed, the group leader. Neelum was supported by 24 youth volunteers. Col Abdul Waheed Khan, head
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Day 3-4 Part One: Islamabad

Day 3-4 More has to be done rapidly, intelligently and efficiently. Hunger and Thirst are everywhere; rampant Infectious Disease will be joining them very soon. It's time for further planning, logistics and procurement.

First stop, Air Force Headquarters in Islamabad; meet Base Commander Shoaib Khan; thank him for 250 Food Packs and utensils delivered within 12 hours of receipt and arrange for
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Pakistan Floods: Desperation and Dignity

Pakistan Floods: Desperation and Dignity

What an experience! Neither words nor pictures can adequately capture the human emotion of the unfolding flood drama in Pakistan. Its Sunday, 22 August, 5:30pm Pakistani time; we enter the camp of Razakabad, one hour's drive from Karachi. A sea of humanity greets us; 10 000 people camped: in a tent city in an open ground, in the college across the road and many shelterless, exposed to the

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Pakistan Flood Relief

We are inundated with queries regarding a response to the Pakistani Flood Crisis. Gift of the Givers has two fundamental principles before we respond: 1. An appeal for international assistance must be made and 2. The possibility of effective and reliable access into the affected areas is fundamental before we commit supplies or personnel. In terms of the enormity of the disaster there is no doubt
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Gift of the Givers Responds to Pakistan Earthquake

Dear Recipients

Following the 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Balochistan, Pakistan, on Tuesday, 24 September 2013, Gift of the Givers had fifty volunteers, comprising Search and Rescue experts, dog handlers, and Trauma Specialists, on standby to depart for the disaster zone.  No call was made for international assistance.

On Saturday, 28 September 2013, the area was struck by a second earthquake

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GOTG on Standby

Gift of the Givers is on standby to respond to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Baluchistan, Pakistan that took place on the afternoon of 24 September 2013. We are in touch with the relevant authorities as information is scanty presently given that the area is very remote, rural and very difficult to access. Being night there already, it complicates matters and security is a huge concern in the

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Fareed Ayaz Fund Raiser For Pakistan

It's 1 Zil Hajj. The days of Prayer, of Praise, of Labbaik, of Extolling Allah, of  Meditating, Reflecting, Reciting and Imbibing Divine Attributes are upon us. If ever there was a way to Lift the Mood,  Enhance Spirituality, Celebrate Allah's Greatness, Praise our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Reminisce on Allah's Awlia, then an evening with Ustad Fareed Ayaz Qawwal is Mandatory. What an opener  Read more  

Pakistan Flood Relief Day 37 Neelum's Report Unedited

"After a long and exhausting yet very successful distribution in Sehwan the team reached Karachi in the early hours on Monday. At 11am GOTG had planned a distribution at Razakabad ATF training center school where children from the affected families are being taught. GOTG had planned to handout stationeries, books, sweets, cloths and toys to these children. There are approximately 2000 children in

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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 34-37 Part 4 Neelum's Report Unedited

"After completion of day 1 at Ar-Razi, day 2 (26th September 2010) started with distribution at Bakhtiyar Pur. Bakhtiyar Pur is further ahead of Ar-Razi, which is around 2 hours journey through boat. Bakhtiyar Pur once was connected to Sehwan through Indus Highway and now it looks like an Island. Wherever you look there is only water. The only mode of transportation is the few small boats. There
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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 34-37 Part 2

The briefing by Mr Rehmattulah and his team is over. We are taken to the absolute epicentre of the flood: on the left is the flood water from Manchchar Lake; the water is up to 4m high, yet the actual lake is 20km away; on the right is the swollen Indus River; in the middle is the main link road that connects to Dadu and the northern part of the country; the road is washed away; to get to Dadu
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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 29-33

The international footballers depart Pakistan; it was a most memorable and life altering experience. The hospitality in the midst of the anguish and suffering; the patience, humility and modesty in the face of all odds; the hunger and desperation, and oh! the children. This was something they were never going to forget. Pakistan is in dire straits and this is the message they taking home.

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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 28 Part 1

Day 28 - Saturday, 18 September 2010 - 12:10am. We arrive in Hyderabad City, three hours drive from Baajera. The security of our international guests is paramount. We had to find safe, appropriate and secure accomodation even if it was this far. The first document to sign at the hotel reception was an acceptance/waiver of police protection for foreigners.

At 1am we meet for "lunch" in the
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Pakistan Flood Relief Day 27 Part 1

It's Friday, 17 September 2010. At 2am Breaking news all over Pakistan; one of the leaders of MQM, a political movement, is killed in the UK. Karachi becomes a NO GO area as violence and indiscriminate attacks are the norm. Foreigners are high risk target. As expected, a 10 day, total shutdown is called for in Karachi. Residents know, abiding to this call is Mandatory. The group considers aborting  Read more  

Pakistan Flood Relief Day 15-20 Karachi


After our last trip to Badin, once again we were on our way back to Badin. This time around they were no trucks because the goods were stored in Badin. We left Karachi at 6:00 am and reached Badin at 10:00 am.

We decided to split our team in two groups so that we can efficiently distribute at more places. One team took goods for 100 families to a place identified by a
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Gift of the Givers Mishap in Pakistan

After another successful delivery in Badeen yesterday, our youth team had a major mishap at 3am today in Pakistan on the way back to Karachi. The car carrying Gift of the Givers chief coordinator, Neelum Sayed, and three others, skidded on flood affected roads, capsized twice and landed in water.

Phone 0800786777 for further details.
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Pakistan Relief - Day Five

Day 5 An exhausted but enthusiastic team is energetically at work after only 3 hours of sleep. Today is the day of honouring a promise made to the flood affectees at Razakabad; those very same docile people who not only didn't stretch their hand out for food, but in some cases flatly refused, insisting the neighbour was more needy. The women had asked for baby milk, hygiene packs, pots and certain
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Pakistan Relief - Day Two

How much worse can it get? This is a question that should not be asked. You presume you have seen everything and nothing more can happen, but the drama just unfolds further, the only difference and a significant one at that, is that this is for REAL; real people with real emotions. Anguish, hunger, thirst, hopelessness and helplessness, this is the predicament of 20 million people Pakistanis,
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R10 Million For Pakistan Flood Relief

Following the Pakistani Prime Minister's appeal, over the weekend of 7 August 2010, for international assistance, Gift of the Givers has responded swiftly. Networks that were in place both with civilians and the Pakistani military during our response to the Pakistani Earthquake of October 2005 were reactivated. As a result, the first of 5000 specially prepared "Food Packs" have been procured and
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