Creating Awareness on Gaza

It is great to announce that we are hosting guests from Palestine who have come to South Africa to create greater awareness about their plight in Gaza. Mr Mohammed Alkhatib, a Physiotherapist, Haneen a 19 year old girl who lost her right leg in the war and is now using a artificial limb, Ayat, an 11 year old girl who was shot in the head and is now semi-paralized and is accompanied by her mother Sherin. This young girl moves around by means of a walking ring yet still has a zest for life and displays amazing independence. As if their situation isn't bad enough, Haneen's uncle who lives with her family lost both his legs on the same day and their home was bombed leaving them no option but to live in a shack.

The delegation will be travelling to Cape Town ,Polokwane, Ladysmith and Gauteng addressing scores of people. Gift of the Givers responds by:

  • enhancing their infrastructure by building ramps, widening doorways for wheelchair to fit through, create big enough space in bathrooms allowing them to manoeuvre.
  • offering scholarships and bursaries - the most suitable students and courses have been identified and these include computer skills sewing lessons, telephone, reception and secretarial skills. Programs to fix wheelchairs - Tools will be provided to thousands of physically challenged people who will be trained to fix wheelchairs. Each toolkit costs R250.00.
  • implementing an adult diaper programme which will ensure a regular supply of adult diapers to those in need.

The reception from the schools has been overwhelming and the team left a lasting impression on the kids. Stories of their lives after the war and the challenges faced really moved the children who pledged to keep the people of Gaza in their hearts and prayers. The students also pledged to raise funds to assist the disabled people of Gaza.

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