Gift of the Givers gets Permission to Enter Gaza

Our special thanks to South Africa's Department of International Relations for engaging the Egyptian Government and securing permission for Gift of the Givers medical teams, medical equipment, ambulance and medical supplies to cross the Rafah Border to enter Gaza with immediate effect. The Egyptian Government has provided us with a special approval number for the purpose.

 A cargo aircraft has been hired to carry the 16 tons of supplies valued at R15 million. Loading commences on Saturday; items are being organised at our Bramley Logistics Centre at present.

Permission has been granted for ten personnel only; it appears that similar restrictions apply to other international teams. Our scaled down ten member team was selected according to the urgent specialist requirements of the Palestinian Ministry of Health to maximise service to the Palestinian war victims. We would have loved to take at least 30 other medical volunteers but have to work within what has been permitted. The team intends departing by weekend dependent on flights and visas.

Gift of the Givers has delivered R4 million of supplies inside Gaza since the beginning of the war on 8 July 2014.