Provision of Water in Gaza

Provision of water in Gaza is a major necessity and a great difficulty because of the shortage of underground water. In this picture water gets pumped from a well into black 5000L water storage containers; from here into a water tanker which then goes to several areas where 2000L water tanks are placed at various locations for access to free water. Gift of the Givers funded the placement of several 2000L tanks and the water itself that is pumped into the tanks. This is one of the options of Water Provision.

A more sustainable means of water provision is the establishment of desalination water plants close to the sea, which are costly in setting up and maintaining but supply substantially larger amounts of water much faster with no fear of reserves being depleted. This project would be in the region of 200 000 usd which we want to consider as part of our long term involvement in Gaza which has already cost us R60 million since 2009 to the present.

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