Care of the Mentally and Physically Challenged

This is 10 year old Inas Amin Abu Jaber Snaimeh. She suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, brain atrophy, epileptic fits and has difficulty in swallowing. She survives mostly on milk. The family of 8 were refugees at one of the UN schools but have now returned to their small apartment where walls have been bombed and most windows damaged.

The father is unemployed, has a family of 8 to feed, gets a social grant of 111 usd per month from the government which cannot help him meet all the family's basic needs. That excludes Inas's special monthly needs of diapers, milk and anti epileptic medication. She needs a proper CP bed, air mattress and wheelchair.

This is only one example of the unlimited needs in Gaza and the hardships ordinary people endure with absolute patience.

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