Trauma Counselling Team to Depart for Congo

Loss of livelihood, privacy, dignity and loss of hope confront a nation who lost more than 500 lives in the 4 March explosion that wounded more than 2000 people necessitating several amputations and emergency medical care, destroyed 5000 homes, a school, church, police station and significantly, caused severe emotional and psychological trauma.  More than 20 tons of live unexploded ordinances have been recovered in Impila, a suburb of Brazzaville, where the initial disaster occurred and now poses a severe threat to residents returning against the advice of the government and explosive experts.  Thousands living in refugee camps, inadequate sanitation, lack of pure drinking water and above all a lack of family structure and intimacy has resulted in grief, bereavement and a host of psycho-social issues that requires specialised intervention for a highly traumatised population.

Having successfully delivered six plane loads of emergency humanitarian and medical relief items in association with the Department of International Relations, Gift of the Givers have now been requested by private NGO's in Brazzaville to send in a team of trauma counsellors that will partner the local university, interact with psychologists, social workers, masters students, lay counsellors and the affected population where skills transfer, counselling and courses on various techniques will be imparted to the Congolese people.  Congolese individuals involved in the great trauma previously experienced in Congo, university lecturers, pastors and specialist trainers comprise the 10-member team that leaves on Sunday.  The team will be hosted by a highly efficient NGO founded by the son of the Congolese President and has already partnered us on our two previous missions to Congo within the last 7 weeks.