Somalia Emergency Aid

It was exactly around this time last year that we took a decision to respond to the Famine in Somalia.  To this date our teams are still there.  Your contributions have saved tens of thousands of lives as we chartered 11 flights carrying 175 tons of supplies and sent in another 132 containers carrying 2640 tons of aid on several ships.  Together with the medical support we provided at the four hospitals our total spend in Somalia has been a staggering R80 million over a one year period.

With poor rainfall once again, a predicted late harvest, increased conflict and slow recovery from the famine of 2011 our support for Somalia continues.  Presently 126 000 people are accessing food daily from our 4 Feeding Centres, 7000 orphans are provided for by us and several hundred physically challenged families are given food parcels monthly. As El-Shabbab withdraws from several areas, thousands of new starving, dying refugees are flocking into Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia for life saving food aid.

On Tuesday, 17 July 2012, our next consignment of 20 containers carrying 400 tons of emergency food aid departs by ship.  Loading has commenced today.  Items include rice, maize, oil, whole beans, sugar, tinned fish, soup, soya, salt, tinned beans and high energy supplements. 

Details: 0800 786 777.

Somalia Summary

Here are some of the main points:
1. Gift of the Givers (GOTG) is the largest NGO operational in Mogadishu presently. This was verified by the Somali President on state television 3 days ago.
2. Next in line are the Iranian and Turkish Red Cresent.
3. Other NGO's may have a presence but no real activities are undertaken by them.
4. GOTG has a sound relationship with all 16 Commissioners of the 16
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Mogadishu's Largest Hospital for Gift of the Givers

Gift of the Givers has just been granted permission to set up base, medical teams, equipment and supplies at Banadir Hospital, the largest hospital in Mogadishu where thousands of patients are flocking to from various refugee camps in and around Mogadishu and the South, and are in desperate need of life saving medical assistance. The absence of trained and skilled medical personnel, non available
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Another 600 Tons for Somalia Relief

Whew! South Africa's Ubuntu Spirit knows no bounds. We are indeed making an emphatic continental statement that Africa is coming to the aid of Africans unreservedly. The power is not in the proclamation but in the execution: being the first African agency and the only agency in the world to fly 6 planes into Mogadishu in a two week period delivering 112 tons of aid, gave a very good feel being

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Somalia Starvation Crisis : Update 5-12 August 2011- 5th Flight for Somalia

South African generosity has exceeded all limits. Businesses representative of corporate South Africa, spearheaded by Interactive Africa and supported by Comair, Nando's, Absa, Sanlam, Tiger Brands, Foodcorp, ABI and others, have sponsored a flight and 10 tons of supplies that departs for Mogadishu tonight. This now brings the total aid supplied from South Africa through Gift of the Givers to 94

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Somalia Starvation Crisis : Update 4 - 27 July 2011


Our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the millions of suffering Somali people for your generous contributions, warm words of support and ongoing prayers.  South African society have opened their hearts for their suffering brethren in Africa; this is truly an African response to an African problem.  A special "thank you" to the South
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Somalia Starvation Crisis : Update 2 - 22 July 11

It's 7.45am, Wednesday, 20 July 2011; the chartered plane lands in Mogadishu Airport. A hive of excitement amid the beautiful weather and the magnificent coastline, as hordes of journalists and government representatives receive the delegation.  Every delegation means new hope; new promises but sadly, very little returns.

We are whisked away through the side gate with urgent haste; Mogadishu is
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Somalia Starvation Crisis - July 2011

Gift of the Givers puts R5 million high energy nutrition packs and water on standby to respond to Somalia Starvation. Logistical arrangements underway. Flight arrangements at advanced stage.Our rep is in the region already.
We are preparing medical teams.Updates to follow soon.

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Somalia Campaign in Summary

It's amazing as a nation what we can achieve united in thought, word, deed, spirituality and diversity. Concerts, sports events, school fundraisers, employee driven efforts with matching employer support, collect a can initiatives, mall collections, corporate and government contributions and the collective support of 50 million South Africans has made the Somalia Famine Response the greatest
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Medical Volunteers

Gift of the Givers is putting together a second team of volunteers to assist Somali Famine victims. The intended date of departure is around 2-4 September, return around 12-14 September. All costs are covered by us, however, your voluntary services are FREE. Although all precautions are taken, the mission is not without risk.

Paediatricians, primary health care nurses, nurses experienced in caring
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SA Government sponsors flight to Mogadishu

The South African government has provided free transport in the form of a defence force C130 Hercules supply plane to Gift of the Givers to deliver 18 tons of essential food and anti-malaria medication to Mogadishu tomorrow. Loading commences at Waterkloof Air Force Base at 12 noon today.

This is Gift of the Givers 6th flight to the region, the 5th flight having landed on Saturday, 13 August 2011.

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Relief Items in Kind Required

South African public opens its heart. Free planes, tons of food, medicines & cash in millions given. Gift of the Givers prepares delivery of 1000 tons of aid to Somalia with immediate effect.
Please note below the list of items required for our Somalia Relief Mission:
  • Colouring Books
  • Puzzles
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Lego & Building Blocks
  • Snakes & Ladders
  • Rice
  • Maize
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Beans
  • Canned Items
  • Water
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Somalia Starvation Crisis : Update 1 - 20 July 11

"As the hunger took its toll a husband and wife left their two children in the 'forest'. They could not bear the thought of their children dying in front of their eyes nor did they want their children to sense that they (the parents) were dying".

This is Somalia; a monumental African tragedy that requires an urgent, co-ordinated international response to alleviate a massive human tragedy.
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