Somalia Campaign in Summary

It's amazing as a nation what we can achieve united in thought, word, deed, spirituality and diversity. Concerts, sports events, school fundraisers, employee driven efforts with matching employer support, collect a can initiatives, mall collections, corporate and government contributions and the collective support of 50 million South Africans has made the Somalia Famine Response the greatest humanitarian effort ever in South African history.

In a period of only 47 days (1 Aug to 16 Sept) the R40 million spent thus far has achieved the following:
  • 11 flights carrying 175 tons of emergency aid delivered direct to Mogadishu.
  • 4 ships carrying 2080 tons of supplies arriving in Mogadishu in stages from tomorrow. (More ships to follow as supplies continue to flow into our warehouses).
  • 4 feeding centres set up in refugee camps feeding 30 000 people 3 "wet" meals daily.
  • Everyday 300 new families given "dry" food rations.
  • Our teams carried out medical care on site in refugee camps in several districts and treated patients in 4 hospitals.
  • Forlanini Hospital which was shut down for several years was handed over to us and was made functional by our team in 3 hours including setting up our own theatre.
  • In the camps and the 4 hospitals including Forlanini, Banadir, Madina and Saint Martini, where we served, collectively we treated 10 700 patients, performed 80 operations and gave each child R1300 of nutritional supplements.
  • We took in 94 personnel of which 57 were medical specialists.
  • We installed our first borehole at 22 meters deep costing 15 000 USD, providing water for drinking, washing and cooking to 30 000 people in 11 camps.
The total impact of what has been achieved has endeared us to every Somali. In a country where no oxygen is available, where trained skilled medical personnel are a luxury, where no orthopaedic surgeon has been in attendance in 21 years, it doesn't take much effort to imagine what South African intervention has done to boost Somali morale, to give them hope and to restore their faith in humanity, especially Africa, as they are emphatic that Africa came to the rescue of a people the world has forgotten for 21 years.  The campaign continues.